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Unleash the power of data-driven creativity, streamline your Adobe After Effects rendering workflows, experience the freedom to create, automate, and achieve remarkable results in your video production processes while our systems handle the heavy lifting.

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Unlock the Power of Nexrender

Experience the future of video rendering with Nexrender and transform your Adobe After Effects-based workflows. Our carefully designed application offers a myriad of benefits to streamline your video production process. Discover how Nexrender can revolutionize your creative projects with:



Nexrender streamlines the video rendering process in Adobe After Effects-based workflows, making it efficient and hassle-free. Here are some key advantages:

Data-Driven Rendering

Nexrender enables data-driven video rendering, allowing you to personalize and customize videos dynamically.

Automated Video Management

It automates video management, processing, and delivery, reducing manual intervention and saving time.

Network-Oriented Project Structure

Nexrender adopts a network-oriented project structure, facilitating collaboration and rendering across multiple machines or a render farm.


With its highly modular nature and extensive plugin support, Nexrender adapts to various rendering requirements and workflows.

Pipelines & Workflows

Pipelines & Workflows

Nexrender seamlessly integrates into your rendering workflow, providing essential features for enhanced project management.

Personalization Through Expressions and Scripting

Nexrender leverages After Effects' expressions, scripting, and compositing capabilities for personalized video rendering.

Project Scheduling and Management

It stores projects in a local database and allows remote management via HTTP API, making it easy to schedule and monitor rendering tasks.

Multi-Machine Rendering

Nexrender can render projects on multiple machines simultaneously, making it suitable for rendering a single project across a render farm.

Non-Intrusive Rendering

It never launches the After Effects GUI application, ensuring that rendering tasks do not disrupt other workflows or applications.



Nexrender is a cost-effective solution that is open source, making it accessible to a wide range of users. It operates exclusively in command-line mode, offering several advantages for efficiency and scalability.

Rendering Licenses

Nexrender does not require licenses for Adobe After Effects on worker machines, reducing licensing costs.

Free to Use

Nexrender is free to use, eliminating the need for expensive rendering software licenses.

Open Source Community

Being open source encourages community collaboration and the development of additional features and plugins to meet specific rendering needs. By utilizing Nexrender's capabilities, users can simplify their Adobe After Effects rendering workflows, save time, and achieve greater efficiency in managing video projects.


Consider a donation to help the project

Nexrender is a free and open-source project, and we rely on your donations to keep it that way. Donations are used for R&D and spreading the word about Nexrender, to strengthen technology and its open-source community


$25 /month

For solo creators who create videos with nexrender.

  • Support the project and its development
  • Keep the library running and maintained under an MIT License
  • Logo or name goes in the project README


$100 /month

Best for businesses who RELY on Nexrender as the part of core offering.

  • Everything in Personal tier
  • Prioritized Bug Fixes
  • Up to 1 hours of individual support via email per month


Loved by Open Source, trusted by Businesses

Nexrender makes video rendering as accessible and programmable as moving data. Since it was founded in 2016, it has grown into a capable solution supported by a robust open-source community from one side and used by many ambitious businesses of all sizes worldwide from another.


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