Spend time on new ideas, not repetitive boring tasks

At Nexrender, our core mission revolves around revolutionizing video creation through the power of automation. We are committed to streamlining and simplifying the content creation process for video creators of all levels. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we empower our users to automate repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus more on unleashing their creativity and less on routine operations.

Trusted by 300+ customers worldwide
Cartender Cartender Platform is the easiest way to promote a car dealership with. Offers custom creatives, video brochures and landing pages.
Backbeat Media A platform for complex data to graphics workflows automation.
New Flight
Plainly Videos Plainly is a simple-to-use video automation software. Create automated video creation workflows and generate 1000s of videos in clicks.
Gameday Support Live Graphics Help Desk for Sports Broadcasters

Our goals

As Nexrender, our goals revolve around simplifying the content creation landscape through innovative automation solutions.

Empower creativity

Unleash your creativity with our automated video creation tool.

Enhance Efficiency

Boost Productivity with streamlined video creation processes.

Foster innovation

Spark innovation by automating repetitive video tasks.

Eliminate routine tasks

Free up time for your ideas, not repetitive boring tasks.

Drive growth

Grow your business, saving time and money.

Enjoy the process of video creation

Make video creation a breeze and enjoy every step of the journey.

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