Intergrations are the starting point of your video automation journey.


Connect any source, choose any destination.

What is that about?

Nexrender is a powerful solution that transforms your dynamic data into thousands of personalized creatives and videos. The tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing databases, CRM systems, various APIs and other data repositories like Spreadsheets, CSVs, etc., allowing you to leverage your valuable data sets in the video production process.

How does it work?

By connecting your data sources, you unlock a world of possibilities. Easily reference connected data in your video-automation instructions (JSONs), as Nexrender effortlessly extracts relevant data and assets for each user, integrating them into your scenes for personalized video magic. It focuses on Asset Customization, Data Propagation, Render and Post-Render Management.

Integrations: sources and destinations in Nexrender. Video templates and sources like API, Spreadsheets, CRM, AI tools, Sales

(Demonstration is based on the video Template available at Envato Elements)

Case Example

Personal Milestones: Enhancing Customer Loyalty with Nexrender

Imagine an international airline called “Teleport”. They want to boost loyalty by congratulating customers on their first anniversary with engaging personalized video.

With Nexrender, they can tap into their customer database to gather insights on various demographics, languages, preferences, and behaviors and render millions of hyper-personalized videos.

Video starts from the personalized greeting, showcases miles traveled, carbon offset, personal bonus. On top, the video visualizes customer flights during the year and highlights most memorable destinations.

All Teleport needs to produce such a video is a beautiful Adobe After Effects Template and Nexrender video pipeline that will customize video with individual customer data points from multiple sources.

Automate video creation and editing with Nexrender

Generate 1000s of engaging, high-quality videos in no time.